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Color Guard Activities
3/9/19 Ft Myers Beach Shrimp Parade, participants, Commander Joe Bullock, Dave Bowermaster, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Roger Studer, Francie Burns, Dale Gilespie, George Hartman, Judy Pitts, Jack Wynne, Bob Kassela, Don Bruner, Aux Members, Doris Flamini, Joann Hartman, Maryann Bruner, Gina Kassela, Robin Jordan. Over 1500 small American Flags were passed out during the parade to mostly children, a great time for all!!
11/11/18 Veterans Day activity at Post 274, participants: Don Bruner, Dave Bowermaster, Francie Burns, Benny Bugg, Judy Pitts, Bob Kassela, George Hartman, Bill Davis, Rich Braswell, John Rini, Dale Gilespie, Ron Gavin, Gary Carlson, Harriette Vanco, Guns & Hoses including our Post's Dan Parker, Jack Thompson. Thanks to Criag Stalder, Post's Bartender, for setting up his amplifier system.
11/8/18 Breakfast for Veterans at the Lutheran Peace Church, McGregor Blvd. Participants, Don Bruner, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Francie Burns, Dale Gilespie, Bob Kassela, Harriette Vanco, Guns & Hoses, including our Post's, Dan Parker, Jack Thompson

6/30/18 The Liberty Ball, hosted by the Knights of Columbus was held at Our Lady of Light in Estero. Participants;  flag/rifle carriers, David Bowermaster, Benny Bugg, Rich Hipp, Judy Pitts, George Hartman, Jack Wynne, Bugler, Pete Poholik, POW Table, Roger Studer

5/28/18 Memorial Day Activities at the Post; participants, David Bowermaster, Dan Parker, Rich Hipp, Roger Studer, Bennie Bugg, Francie Burns, Pete Poholik, George Hartman, Rich Braswell, John Rini, Ron Gavin, Judy Pitts, Bob Davies, Bill Davis, Guest Speaker, David Grossi
5/7/18 Honor Flight arriving at SWF Airport, participants; Guns and Hoses, Jack Thompson, Dan Parker, Bob and Marilyn Davies; Color Guard Participants, Rich Hipp(wife Gerry), Bennie Bugg(wife Doris, Roger Studer
4/5/18 Memorial Service at the Post for US Army Vietnam Vet, E5, James D. Campbell Jr. Participants; Don Bruner, Bennie Bugg, Dale Gilespie, Rich Beck, Rich Braswell, Francie Burns, Pete Poholic, Bob Davies
3/13/18 Memorial Service for Kevin Coldren, US Army Vietnam Vet. The service was held at American Outdoors, Participants: David Bowermaster, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Tommy Berryhill, Pete Poholic, Judy Pitts, Francie Burns.
3/10/18 Color Guard marched in the Ft Myers Beach Parade, participants: Commander Joe Bullock, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Dale Gillespie, Judy Pitts, The Post gave out over 1500 American flags over the parade route, Aux Members, Diane Malec, Maryann Bruner, Robinn Jordan(driving Commanders Truck. Bridget Berkowitz, distributing Poppy's. See Pictures in the photo Gallery on drop down menu on left.
2/25/18 Celebration of Life, Memorial Service, for Korean US Army War Veteran, Bob Stevenson at the Posts Patriot Room. Participants, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Judy Pitts, Francie Burns, Pete Poholic, Dan Parker, Jack Thompson, Dale Gilespie. Bob was a life time member of the American Legion, May Bob RIP.